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Thread: From the Director's Keyboard: Spring Awakening

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    Exclamation From the Director's Keyboard: Spring Awakening

    Here in the Northern Hemisphere, spring is coming. I, for one, have spring fever and desperately want to get out there with my camera to take pictures of both the stuff sprouting out of the ground and the stars I can now see without my suffering from cold. I know I'm not the only one because I keep seeing the photos of CosmoQuest community members over on our Discord. I'm here to see your birds, your astrophotography, and even the little sprouts of whatever is coming up in your area.

    There is a nice overlap between the birder/wildlife photography community and the astronomy community. When I taught astronomy labs, I used to use the hawks that lived in a nearby bell tower to align finders with telescopes, and the twilight hours before we could open the dome was a time for catching images of the non-human occupants of the mountains. From cougars to springbok to javelina to a frog that once emerged from my exabyte drive, observatories are safe havens for all kinds of wildlife, and nerds like me with cameras and a desire to image all of it.

    If you are catching photos, please share. Let's enjoy this spring time together.

    I'll start. Here is a photo from a few springs ago.

    In love and science,

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    This usually goes into the gardening thread but it almost time to start some seeds, got some herb soil, the potting soil, the planters and trays.
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