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Thread: Freshwater fish in "catastropic" decline worldwide: pollution, overfishing, damming

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    Freshwater fish in "catastropic" decline worldwide: pollution, overfishing, damming

    A report has warned of a "catastrophic" decline in freshwater fish, with nearly a third threatened by extinction. Conservation groups said 80 species were known to have gone extinct, 16 in the last year alone.
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    2021, and the really bad news continues.

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    The Holocene extinction (AKA Anthropocene extinction or Sixth Mass extinction) is an on-going event and it will just continue to get worse, and it is going to affect every phylum of life. The only question is how extensive will get it get.

    And before someone accuses me: no, I don't think life will end on Earth, nor even just human life. But there is going to be a lot less biodiversity over the next hundred or couple of hundred years, and it will take even longer before it recovers.
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    Has anyone watched “the end of the line” about over fishing? Sobering.
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