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Thread: Brightest Asteroid 4 Vesta Opposes Sun 2021 MAR 04

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    Cool Brightest Asteroid 4 Vesta Opposes Sun 2021 MAR 04

    The brightest asteroid 4 Vesta currently rises in the early evening. It will appear within Leo in opposition to the Sun on 2021 MAR 04 at magnitude +5.8. Thatís within the limit of normal naked eye visibility. Vesta was discovered in 1807, and has a mean diameter of 525 km.

    A Vesta chart and ephemeris can be found on my Asteroids webpage at

    Photos and descriptions of Vesta would be welcome additions to this thread.
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    The most noticeable feature of Vesta's surface is the huge Reyasilvia impact crater located around the south pole. The surface of Vesta is significantly heterogeneous: the eastern hemisphere has a higher albedo, while the western hemisphere is darker, there are areas with anomalously low albedo. It is believed that darker areas correspond to basalt plains, analogs of the lunar "seas", and lighter ones - to highly cratered uplands.

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