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Thread: Chromatic aberration opposite to eye

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    Chromatic aberration opposite to eye

    Eye has no optical correction for chromatic aberration. And has about 2 dioptres of uncorrected chromatic aberration.

    What do you see if you look at an image which possesses a chromatic aberration opposite and equal to that of eye? So that you actually see a focused image which naked eye cannot see?

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    If I am not mistaken, our brains tune out the color fringe, along with other processing of the raw signal to give us a good visual sensation from what by any commercial optical standard is a lousy camera. I remember reading many decades ago about experiments in which people were fitted with special goggles that introduced obvious color fringes. If they wore the goggles long enough in fixed positions the fringing faded away, and when they then took the goggles off they saw color fringes initially with their naked eyes, and that faded after a while. I don't remember how long it took to adjust either way. I certainly do not see any false color when looking at bright lights with my naked eyes, and when using a telescope that has strong aberration I do not stare at the image long enough for the adjustment to happen.

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