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Thread: Chang'e 5 orbiter

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    Chang'e 5 orbiter

    Starting a new tread as the Chang'e 5 orbiter has it own mission.

    Following the successful conclusion of the historic Chang'e 5 lunar sample mission, a major section of the robotic probe has been given a new task deep in space.

    The Chang'e 5 orbiter is now flying toward Lagrange Point 1, which is located between the Earth and the sun, for extended scientific operations, said Pei Zhaoyu, deputy director of the China National Space Administration's Lunar Exploration and Space Program Center and spokesman for the Chang'e 5 mission.

    Lagrange Point 1 is an ideal position for monitoring solar activities, he said. The point is a place where the gravity from the Earth and the sun balance, so that the probe may orbit the sun in synchronization with the Earth without spending much of its fuel.

    "We didn't set this task for the orbiter when we launched Chang'e 5," Pei said in Beijing on Monday.

    "But we soon found that thanks to the outstanding performance of our carrier rocket, Chang'e 5 was placed exactly in its preset orbital position so there would be no need for extra correction maneuvers beside the originally planned ones, which meant the orbiter could save a lot of fuel."
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    Chang'e 5 is the latest mission in Chang'e's robotic lunar exploration program. Orbiters Chang'e 1 and Chang'e 2 were launched in 2007 and 2010, respectively, and Chang'e 3 landed the duo on the near side of the Moon in December 2013. And in January 2019, the Chang'e 4 lander duo made their first landing on the uncharted far side of the moon. Both Chang'e 4 robots continue to work today.

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