A Penumbral Lunar Eclipse will be presented to many observers with clear skies in the Americas, Northern Europe, East Asia, Australia and New Zealand during the night of 2020 NOV 29-30. All of the event may be visible from North America, but only a portion of it in the other mentioned locations.

The Earth’s penumbra is its relatively bright fringe shadow surrounding its much darker inner shadow called the umbra.

At maximum eclipse, 82% of the Moon’s diameter will be covered by the penumbra. The Moon’s nearest portion of its limb to the umbra will miss it by 27% of the Moon’s diameter. Often a penumbral lunar eclipse is hardly noticeable, but this time a darkening near a portion of the limb should be apparent.

2020 has been an unusual year in which there are four lunar eclipses, and all of them penumbral. The next umbral eclipse will be total and occur on 2021 MAY 26.

Below is a link to my Moon webpage. It includes a preview graphic for the upcoming penumbral eclipse as seen against an imaginary blue wall to make the shadow fully apparent. The predicted event timings are in CST (UT-6), but will occur at essentially the same real time for all observers experiencing nighttime. The depicted orientation and Moon altitudes are for an observer in Chicago.

Photos and descriptions of the eclipse would be welcome additions to this thread.

Link: https://www.CurtRenz.com/moon.html