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Thread: First post here from Zen Galileo

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    First post here from Zen Galileo

    Hello all. I just watched a doc on Netflix about the hoax moon landings, a series called "Conspiracies." A woefully inadequate treatment of the topic. 50% of the doc was actually about the Russian space ptogram, 25% about aliens ( making non moon landing velievers look like superstitious freaks) and only 25% about debunking the American moon landings. It is the only mainstream treatment of the topic and it is a terrible representation of the issue, puposely made to be bad I'm sure. A few years ago I watched an excellent documentary on the subject, one narrated by a British female. It was one of the reasons I realized the moon landings never took place. Now I can't find that film anywhere and can't remember the actual title. Can anybody help me locate it?

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    Welcome to the CosmoQuest forums, Zen Galileo. That video doesn't ring a loud bell for me but it's been quite some time since I've seen conventional videos on the topic. It's usually just the occasional YouTube video these days. I suggest that you post your question in our Conspiracy Theories forum...which brings us to a word about our rules. If you wish to claim that the Apollo moon landings did not occur, you must do so in the CT forum.

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