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Thread: Help identifying type of object in DSS etc imaging

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    Question Help identifying type of object in DSS etc imaging

    Hello. I am hoping to get some feedback regarding how to best go about locating assistance with identifying some properties of a few images that I was viewing in an applet called Aladin Lite. I have a deep interest in exploration of many areas relating to space and technology related to such exploration. Unfortunately, I do not have any formal education in these areas and find that the lack of terminology that I am able to reach for sometimes feels like a barrier to being able to make further inquiries about areas I would like to learn more about.
    Should anyone have a moment to reply as to which area is best to ask such questions and where (and if, firstmost) photos might be posted if looking to ask for explanations that explain some of the properties that appear in image or even just some concepts relating to what may be appearing in the so as to help me with some direction there?
    With thanks, tiffany

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    Do you mean SDSS not DSS? post a link to the object!

    I use the online tool "legacysurvey"

    Click on the object and select "look up in Simbad" to find out more.

    Here are a few things worth a look


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