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Thread: A Goodbye, But Not Forever, From Emily Lakdawalla

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    A Goodbye, But Not Forever, From Emily Lakdawalla

    Sad to read that Emily will be leaving the Planetary Society. She has been a source for many of the interplanetary missions reported in the Space Exploration tread. The one I miss most is the map of our solar system with all the active missions on it.

    Good luck on your future path. I for one will miss your articles.

    I have some news. After 19 years, I will be leaving The Planetary Society at the end of this month. The Planetary Society has been a wonderful place to grow and experience all the variety and excitement that the international exploration of space has to offer, and I’m deeply grateful for the support of the Society and all its members and donors for all these years. You’ve helped me experience landings on Titan, Mars, the Moon, and asteroids, meet space robots up close, walk into impact craters, and bear witness to several spacecraft’s last signals.

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    Oh no...

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