Of having working internet this time tomorrow? Other than via the phone, I mean.
Backstory, in case you haven't been following:
Last Monday afternoon, September 7, the power flickered followed by the cable TV going off. After giving it a while and rebooting the cable boxes (as recommended, over and over, by the cable company) I called them. Eventually got through to a representative. Who was pretty incompetent. But ok, it was a holiday.
Told him we had no TV, but the internet worked. Asked him if there was an outage in the area, in which case we would just wait for it to be fixed. He said no.
We messed around for half an hour or so. Rebooted the boxes a couple more times. Nothing. Eventually, during one of multiple periods on hold, the internet went out.
When he came back I told him that. No, he couldn't see it. He sent a command to reset the modem. Which did nothing. Asked me to unplug it. Ok, which box do you want me to unplug? The big black one that says "ARRIS", the smaller black one labeled "Actiontech", or the little white one that says "EERO". He had no idea what any of those were. So I unplugged the big one, but it has a battery in it for the VOIP phone so it didn't change anything.
Eventually I gave up and put it down to an area outage. But apparently it wasn't.

A couple of days ago, being in the vicinity, I walked into their office in Port Hadlock and asked if there was an outage in my area. There isn't. The guy on the phone broke something. But they did manage to move my service call up from September 18 to September 14, tomorrow. So, what's going to happen?