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Thread: Question about 2001: A Space Odyssey and “Christian name”

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Mendenhall View Post
    This leads Americans to the hilarious mistake of addressing a husband as Senor (wifes first surname).
    Isn't that mother's first surname? Picasso used his second surname exclusively when he signed his paintings, so presumably he wasn't particularly exercised about it. Or maybe he hated his father.

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    In the us, non-surnames are often referred to (when we don't just use the ethnocentric "first name") as a "given name". Presumably to distinguish it from an assumed-inherited surname.

    And of course, in earlier times, the wife was customarily addressed by the husband's name... "Mrs. John Smith" or what have you. It is slightly jarring to modern ears to hear that usage in fiction made back then.
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    My mom wasn't Catholic. When I was born, it was suggested that she pick a saint's name for my middle name. She didn't want to ask "what's a saint?" so she milled around the hospital chapel trying to figure it out. She was surprised to find a book of saint's days and merely picked a name associated with the day I was born. Unfortunately, she picked "Antony" which was promptly misspelled on my birth certificate as "Anthony".

    I can hear my mom now... "All that trouble over a name, and then they misspelled it."

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