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Thread: Where would you be located 500 million years ago...?

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    Where would you be located 500 million years ago...?

    Check out this site, type in your city, and see where you were on a much younger Earth...

    Hopefully this is the correct forum page for this post.

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    Huh, interesting. My city couldn’t resolve at 500 million years. I had to pick a city a few hundred miles away before I found one that did. On the other hand, at 200 million years, I could get it, and it was in an area that was beginning to look like North America. I liked being able to roll the Earth model around so I could look at the whole planet.
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    That is an interesting site.

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    Now to show the closer Moon

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    That is interesting. My local town and the county town are about 20 miles apart at the moment. 500m years ago there was at least a couple of thousand miles between them. Being in southern England that comes as a bit of a shock. I could understand Scotland and England being separated by that much but not two towns in the same area.

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    Funny, I would be about the same distance below the equator as I am above it now. But I'd be sea side.

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    Very interesting! I looked at where several modern cities were. Informative. I will definitely show my daughter, I think it will be interesting for her to see where there was a place that a modern city occupies, millions of years ago.

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    My tectonic plate doesn't track that far into the past!
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    500 million years ago, York was near the South Pole, at the edge of Gondwanaland, in an area called Avalonia.

    A few tens of million years later Avalonia will split off and move northward. In due course we'll collide with Baltica, then with Laurentia (where Scotland is hiding), then finally encounter Gondwanaland again, which is when we'll be surrounded by the mass of Pangaea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trebuchet View Post
    My tectonic plate doesn't track that far into the past!
    Nor mine. It doesn't show up until 120 MY ago.
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