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Thread: The Noise of Gravitons

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    The Noise of Gravitons

    The authors, Maulik Parikh, Frank Wilczek, and George Zahariade show that when the gravitational field is treated quantum mechanically, it induces fluctuations- noise- in the lengths of gravitational wave detectors. The characteristics of the noise depends upon the quantum states of the gravitational field, and should be small for some states , but larger (greatly enhanced), for others.
    The expression derived in their Eq. #8 tells something remarkable....the noise of gravitons. 1. Of course they are not singing and dancing to a Tik Tok audience, that would be little tiny chunks of lattice vibrations....phonons, showing up in a detector.
    Most favorably, if the field is in a squeezed state they are potentially detectable. The noise in Brownian motion led Einstein to the first realistic value of Avogadro's constant, and it is possible, likewise, that the existence of gravitons will first be noticed in detector noise.
    i bet a hot fudge sundae they are right.

    Frank Wilcek received the Nobel Prize for developing the idea of asymptotic freedom between quarks. The trio received First Prize in the 2020 Essay Competition of the Gravity Research Foundation for this paper (below).



    endnote #1. article page 3....eq (8)

    how a theoretical physicist approaches conceptualization.....SEE:
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