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Thread: Lunar Boat - 2020 AUG 18

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    Cool Lunar Boat - 2020 AUG 18

    The term Lunar Boat refers to a crescent Moon shaped like a U. This is quite common in the tropics, but not so much in other regions. For those of us at mid-northern latitudes, evening Lunar Boats will not be possible until around 2026. However, we’re in the midst of a few years in which predawn Lunar Boats appear for us during the late summer and early autumn.

    Below is my rendering of a Lunar Boat that should appear for many observers during the early morning of Tuesday 2020 AUG 18.

    Something similar may appear during the two preceding mornings.

    Photos and descriptions of the Lunar Boat may be welcome additions to this thread.

    Lunar Boat.JPG
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