I'm a HUGE fan of DEVS... the sound design alone is prize-worthy.
If you're a fan of sci-fi i'd definitely recommend it!


I'm wondering about the science/math in it.
Clearly the 'suspension of disbelief' element is that the universe is indeed 'Laplacian'... and that perfect knowledge of the position of each particle will lead to perfect prediction of all future and past events.

We may regard the present state of the universe as the effect of its past and the cause of its future. An intellect which at a certain moment would know all forces that set nature in motion, and all positions of all items of which nature is composed, if this intellect were also vast enough to submit these data to analysis, it would embrace in a single formula the movements of the greatest bodies of the universe and those of the tiniest atom; for such an intellect nothing would be uncertain and the future just like the past would be present before its eyes.
 Pierre Simon Laplace, A Philosophical Essay on Probabilities[3]


Even assuming the absence of Heisenberg's uncertainty, quantum fluctuations etc...
Wouldn't the idea of non-linear chaos theory mean that this sci-fi universe would still be unpredictable, even if it was 100% deterministic?

The other central idea of the simulation being as 'real' as 'reality' has been dealt with many times in these esteemed pages...

What do others think?