As you might have noticed or experienced yourself, BABBers seem to have an irresistible drive to use puns in their messages. Weak or good puns doesn't matter, as long as they can sneak one in. Therefore, i decided to start the Irresistible Pun Thread.

This thread gives you a platform to post your puns, woithout having to make up a "serious" post around them just to get them on the board .

I suggest you just put the pun in a short story or as a riddle (you don't even have to give the answer immediately yourself; could be a good game!). If you spotted a pun worth noting in another thread, you can link here.

Inspirated by the word association thread, I'll start:

New Meccano® lets you create nature's most spectacular creatures! there is a Meccano® Boa Constructor® for $12 already! Out now!

(just to make it clear: it don't HAVE to be weak puns :roll: )