If you're looking for a place to discuss non-scientific matters related to the COVID-19 pandemic, you've found it.

It's understandable that folks want (need) to discuss their concerns, their fears, and the impact the pandemic has had on their lives, including deaths that hit all to close to home, if not in it. However, such discussion has been creeping into several threads, to the point of taking them off topic or disrupting them in other ways. Concerning ways. And, as much as we need to talk about such things, we also need a place to get away from talk of such things, if only for a while. So, we've created this thread as a place for almost all non-scientific discussion of COVID-19. For more sciencey disucssion, please see Disease and pandemics thread (because it's science). Some posts are still appropriate for the threads about trivial or not-so-trivial things that annoy you, amuse you, or make you happy but if there's to be more discussion about it, please do it here. But first, a...

Warning: Our forum rules still apply here.
Be polite. No politics. No conspiracy theories.
No medical advice, ATM medicine, home-brewed cures, or other misinformation.
There's enough of that going around everywhere.

We hope this thread is of benefit to you.