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Thread: A decade of astrophotography

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    A decade of astrophotography

    I have been working on a project for a while to try and link all my astrophotography together. I have now been taking pictures of the night sky in one way or another for the last 14 years. I started off taking pictures of deep sky objects (galaxies, nebulae and star clusters) with specialist cooled cameras, filters and telescopes on computerised tracking mounts. Since moving to Harrogate in North Yorkshire I have been doing time lapse, star trails and single shot nightscape images with off the shelf Sony mirrorless cameras.
    I have selected a variety of my deep sky images and incorporated them into a video along with time lapse clips and star trail pictures. To try and tie it all in together I have used single shot nightscape images and processed the deep sky images to zoom out from the nightscape image from the position that they are actually in the sky for the time that the image was taken, this took a fair bit of time to get just about right.
    The video is just over 26 minutes long and doesn't include every image or time lapse that I have done as it would double the length of the video. I chose clips and images that I have taken over the last decade. The music is all by a musician called Caleb Etheridge which was obtained from a website called "Artlist" where I'm a subscriber. The music was chosen for this video as all the titles of the tracks are in some way space or sky related.
    The deep sky images were all taken from my back yard in Hereford and the time lapse and star trail work was taken in the Brecon Beacons, Heargest Ridge and mainly in North Yorkshire and the Yorkshire Dales.
    The video can be seen at the link below in HD and 4K, please be patient as it may take a while for the HD and 4K versions to appear, it is a 14GB file

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    Well, that was spectacular! Thanks!
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    Lovely as always. Thank you!
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    Holy COW, that was awesome!
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    The sight of Capella being circumpolar brought back my memories of seeing it that way on summer evenings in Edinburgh back in 1996.

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