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Thread: Lunar X - Sunday Evening March 1st.

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    Cool Lunar X - Sunday Evening March 1st.

    The Lunar X may be seen by telescopic observers in the Americas during the evening of Sunday 2020 MAR 01 for an approximately four-hour period centered on 19:39 CST. The X should appear as the Sun rises on the clustered rims of the craters Blanchinus, La Caille and Purbach, while a waxing nearly Half Moon graces the sky.

    This is something to check-off from your astronomical “to-do” list. Photos and descriptions of the Lunar X would be welcome additions to this thread.

    My timetable for when the lunar terminator will be crossing select lunar features such as the Lunar X and rayed craters can be found at
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    Ach, dang. That means it is centered around 2:40 am here. Central Standard Bedtime, and it's a long Monday for me.

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    A grand view about 19:30 EST, with several peaks around the X just now catching the rising Sun. I attempted some photos with my iPhone through the telescope, handheld, but to no avail. I have no means of holding it steady enough.

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    Naturally, although it's been a nice day it clouded up and started to rain about an hour ago!
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