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Thread: Happy 2020

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noclevername View Post
    Welcome back to the Roaring 20s, hep cats. 23 skidoo!
    While I welcome the sentiment, I understand that 23 skidoo is much earlier than the 1920's - in the early 1900's - and hep cat is more of the 1930's and later. Personally, I intend to be on the lookout for a flapper or jazz baby - because everything is thoroughly modern again!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tusenfem View Post
    For some of you it is already there, some still have to wait.
    I am still 55 minutes away, but anyhow:

    Happy New Year!!!!
    Make the best of 2020.
    Happy New Year!

    I survived the day's violent assault, so I guess that's a good start to the year.
    No, your face is a logical fallacy!

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