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I thought I would set up a thread after watching Frozen II and after conversations with an administrator, to ensure propriety.

Today I went to see Frozen II at my local independent.

Now I know it is fantasy and has magic in it, usually beyond the remit of what Phil used to do with the likes of Armageddon, however there was one line that irked, if you are in the know.

It is where the snowman character, Olaf says that "Water has memory"

I suspect that only those aware of the claims of Homoeopathy will have heard this one. Those proponents claim that water has a memory of substances that were in it, even when they have been diluted out of existence.

Admittedly in the film they do not make reference to homoeopathic treatments whatsoever. However, because of the line "Water has memory" I suspect someone on the writing team must have had an acquaintance with homoeopathy and its claims, and was surreptitiously trying to promote it by bringing out this line of dialogue. I wonder how many people spending money on this "alternative" medicine also made the connection I did.

Any one else spot any bad science in other movies, that is not as blatant as Armageddon, but is there and irritates?
Here is a less-woo-woo interpretation of that line as a reference to ice cores and glaciers carrying the “memory” of past environmental conditions.