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Thread: Where could you touch the firmament?

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    Where could you touch the firmament?

    In 2014, the Civilian Space Exploration Team launched their second GoFast rocket from a site in the Black Rock desert in Nevada, reaching a height of 117 km. Once it reached its maximum altitude, its insane spin, recorded on GoPro cameras, abruptly ceased, which has led flat earthers to assume that it must have hit the firmament. Or as they call it, the dome.

    Now here's the question that I have. Leaving aside the fact that the video clearly shows the rocket was still moving after the decelleration, I was wondering if a reductio ad absurdam could determine how far from the edge the firmament would have to be before humans could actually walk under it, assuming:

    An even, steady curvature
    A height of 117 km at the Black Rock Desert in Nevada
    A radius equal to that of the Earth
    The standard flat earth geography
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