Dear Prof Einstein

On the subject of "what governs natures rate of causality"?

Are rates of causality dictated by the atomic forces that generate the activity, which is then employed to define measures of time? or is time the principle of nature that governs nature's rate of causality?

Surely nature only has one principle that dictates rate of causality. I can envision how forces generate activity and dictate the rate of that activity. But I can't envision how times process operates, how can time be responsible for processes and effects that dictate and govern rates of causality? If time is assigned this role as governer of causality, then doesnt that require a scientific explanation?

Using clock operation as a reference, I see mechanical forces generating activity which we then use to derive times measure. So I'm tempted to classify time as merely being a measurement of activity that owes its cause to active forces.

Are rates of causality dictated by QM processes, or Relativistic processes?

If it is deemed to be QM processes both generate the activity and govern rates of that activity, then Relativity's spacetime coordinates which track variable rates of causality might be deemed as emergent from QM processes. This key principle of Relativity would be reduced to being a consideration of QM effects. In effect bridging the basis of the two.

Mr. Einstein, roll in your grave and I'll assume your displeasure.