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Thread: GR without spacetime manifold

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rinaldo View Post
    It is curved spacetime which is in direct contradiction with observations (of quantum mechanics), Shaula. This is the result of attempts to quantize curved spacetime, it is the current state of mainstream
    Which observations? Please give details. Of observations that QM and GR predict and get wrong, not the issues with unifying the two.

    Curved spacetime is just fine QM: - it is the quantisation of gravity and a desire to quantise spacetime that lead to issues, not curved spacetime.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rinaldo View Post
    The mathematical calculation leading to the direct contradiction is shown in my #15 - imaginary results in real spacetime are invalid - no additional calculation is required (if you do not agree please tell me what is missing, but an invalid result is an invalid result).
    Please show, in detail and in full, an SR or GR calculation using a Lorentz manifold that leads to a direct contradiction with observations that is due to one of your claims about the deficiencies of a Lorentz manifold. Not just with words, not just with arguments from incredulity - show us a calculation you have made that directly exposes this weakness by contradicting observations.

    Your argument that you don't think a negative spacetime interval is valid is an assertion you have made with no evidence. Which is why I have asked you to provide a calculation that leads to an observation that is at odds with what we have seen in experiments. "I don't like negative spacetime intervals because if you take a square root they go imaginary and I don't like that" is a misconception about what the spacetime interval is defined as combined with an assertion about what is valid based on an argument from incredulity. In other words your argument is a belief you have and cannot provide evidence for. Think I'm wrong? Show me, like I asked you to.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rinaldo View Post
    This is shown by the theories of quantum gravity which are trying to foliate spacetime into spacelike hypersurfaces, they are failing, and sometimes they claim that GR must be modified, in spite of the experimental confirmation of GR.

    Please refer to these attempts of the theories of quantum gravity, I am not able to make similar sophisticated calculations which are leading nowhere.
    So you understand these theories well enough to define what their issues are but not well enough to show us any details about this. Sorry, that's unconvincing. Sounds like all you have are just so stories.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rinaldo View Post
    Worldlines of particles and fields are timelike and lightlike. The theory of gravity of GR refers only to worldlines (vacuum is not defined by it), that means that it is not based on spacelike intervals.

    It seems that, at the exception of the theories of quantum gravity, the whole relevant physics of the theory of gravity of GR concern only timelike and lightlike worldlines such that there is no issue.
    More empty assertions and patently false claims. GR and SR deal with spacelike spacetime intervals without any issues. Unless you can provide an example calculation that leads to a prediction that doesn't match observations then this is more of your baseless claims.

    You've not even come close answering my questions. All you have presented is a melange of misconceptions, assertions and opinions. This is not how physics works.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rinaldo View Post
    I tried my best, Tusenfem.

    And greatly failed, not even a vague try to show anything of substance.
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