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Thread: Here's what we learned about aliens in 2020

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    Here's what we learned about aliens in 2020

    "In a year when mysterious monoliths literally appeared out of nowhere, you'd think the first real detection of alien life would be a stone's-throw away. Well, 2020 didn't bring any little green men, but it did bring astronomers closer to finding extraterrestrial life than ever before."

    From organic molecules turning up around the solar system to mysterious radio signals finally being traced back to their source, here are some of the biggest findings of the year about where aliens may be (and definitely aren't) hiding in the universe.
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    Well, one subtitle from the article sums up my view.

    … But it's not likely.
    We are closer to understanding the obstacles and potential signs of life than before, more likely to recognize the indicators if we come across them, but we cannot say we are closer to finding life, as that's a complete unknown variable. We have no way of knowing yet if ET life is right next door or a million galaxies away.
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