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Thread: Unexpected Benefit To Not Entertaining Anymore. (Also, Equestrian Input Needed!)

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    Unexpected Benefit To Not Entertaining Anymore. (Also, Equestrian Input Needed!)

    That is going to other people's parties! People I've been competing with all these years actually throw pretty decent shindigs.

    Actually doctor's orders, not late onset humbuggery like poor Dr. Grant. (Who's merely one or two posts away from an evening of nightshirt aerobatics, I tell you true.) My doctors don't want me handling boiling water and hot oils. I guess technically they don't want me wearing boiling water and hot oils...

    I had a lot more fun this holiday season than I usually do. And I found myself in a position to clear up a misconception about one of the more colorful personages of my childhood.

    Way back when, my best friend's father Frank was really something else. One of those scary Italians. A Golden Gloves, for one. Decorated his house with dead animals for another. Avid deer and goose hunter. The reason he settled in the Bay Area was the goose hunting. Had these hunting dogs that were trained to an astonishing level. All enormous black labs. They didn't live in the house, but large kennels. Since he self-loaded his goose guns, he could nail them at formation altitude. He had a set of double barreled goose guns that were taller than I was in sixth grade.

    One of the few men I know for a fact once told a bar full of ruffians;

    "Well, we asked you to leave nicely, and now you can't!" and then chained the bar door shut. Just like in the movies. Why? Because people really do stuff like that where I lived.

    And then Frank and three members of the Steel Workers Union beat all the ruffians unconscious before calling the police. (Ten motorcycle hooligans who just saw a movie and were feeling froggy. It was the sixties. There were a lot of motorcycle movies back then.)

    Devices that inferred an unfair mechanical advantage may or may not have been employed. Depending on who tells the story.

    My Dad was one of the arresting officers. He confirmed everything.

    Anywho, Frank has a reputation that has long outlived him. And it didn't need any help from people flat out lying about him.

    I'm at this party and I notice one of Frank's great grandsons, Tony, looking sort of glummer than the party warranted, so I hobbled over only to overhear the descendants of another person, Lillian, (Frank's ex-wife's best friend, who he did not hold in high regard) saying Frank was so mean he had them forcibly evicted the week before Christmas for no reason.

    No reason eh?

    I asked the story to be repeated, after introducing myself. Just so I could be sure this was the right story. This happened when I was about twelve.

    I was able to help Tony out because somehow *this* part of the story got lost over the decades.

    Lillian's daughter and son in law were boosted out of the apartment because well, they got in a bind when the one stable they were boarding their horse was closing up shop a whole week before the next affordable stable had an opening.

    So in the middle of the night they snuck a full sized horse into the living room of their apartment. (They put painter's tarps down.)

    Four days into their brilliant plan Frank goes into the storage room situated directly underneath said apartment and says "Golly, what heck!"

    Or something similar.

    I am unfamiliar with horses, but I would imagine putting shower curtains down would have been inadequate.

    Frank had no problem with getting the county sheriff to back his play after a brief pop-in visit.

    Frank even said he would have helped if he had been told about their problem.

    All of Lillian's descendants went squirrelling off to their elders and got reluctant confirmation and I got a few hard looks from across the room.

    Tony perked right up. He had heard that story his entire life. But never the whole story.

    So horse owners/property owners, would this be fair grounds for a sudden heave-ho in the dead of winter? They did have a very rural cabin so they weren't on the street. Just banished to the hinterlands. (A finished cabin, but no electricity, oil lamps and propane appliances. Technically closer to where they worked as well.)

    That part got lost too.
    Time wasted having fun is not time wasted - Lennon
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    Quote Originally Posted by BigDon View Post
    ... late onset humbuggery like poor Dr. Grant ...
    It's congenital, Don. And certainly familial.

    Grant Hutchison
    Science Denier and Government Sponsored Propagandist. Here to help.

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    Well then, I guess if it's congenital it would be "unlovely" to poke fun at you about it, Doc.
    Time wasted having fun is not time wasted - Lennon
    (John, not the other one.)

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    I haven't had to care for horses since I was a teen, but yes. They have to eat and drink a lot. What goes in must come out, and they can't be house-trained. I'm surprised it took him so long to notice.

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