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Thread: Helen Reddy dies aged 78

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    Helen Reddy dies aged 78

    Another performer from my youth has passed away. For those of us alive in the 1970's her anthemic song "I Am Woman" was all over the airwaves. She had 6 Top 10 hits and three reached No.1. A small scale biopic of her entitled, unsurprisingly, "I Am Woman" was released in late 2019 to fair reviews. She appeared in a few movies, most notably the 1977 version of "Pete's Dragon". Plus, of course, her 'singing Nun' cameo in "Airport 1975" was lampooned mercilessly in "Flying High".

    She was from a 'show business' family and was on the fading vaudeville circuit aged 4. Her half sister and nephew are well known performers in Australia.

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    I fondly remember her tunes as a 20 something. RIP Helen.

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