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    Telescope App

    Hi everyone,
    So, I have come up with this idea to create an app that will help new astronomers choose their very first telescope and perhaps even people who are thinking about purchasing there second or third telescope. I was just wondering what the community thought about this as I don't want to create the app if no one will use it or think its a good idea.

    I have made a small survey, only 4, short questions, and would very much appreciate it if you took a minute or so to take the survey. I know how hard it was to purchase my first telescope so I was thinking that maybe this could help others. Again your time is very much appreciated.

    Survey :

    Kindest Regards,


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    Very nice idea. Google Play Store only have telescope zoomer app but i'm looking for an app that has detailed instructions for beginners with visual features (if possible). I haven't find any app like this yet.

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