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Thread: Hospice care

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    Hospice care

    As I write this, my mother is resting comfortably under hospice care at home, in the reassuring surroundings of the house she has lived in the past 67 years. It is putting me at ease as her primary caregiver. The hospice provider company and her primary care doctor are giving us guidance to make it come together as it should. If any of you have a loved one facing terminal illness, don't hesitate to see his or her doctor and discuss the hospice option.

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    Seconded. Both my parents were under hospice care in their home at the end. And when the end comes, they can be very helpful at that time as well.
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    My best thoughts are with you and your mother Hornblower. I heard nothing but good things about Hospice.
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    My Mother died in a Hospice, not her own home, just over a year ago. We thought they did a great job of caring for her, and that care had gotten beyond our ability anyway.

    Hospices provide a wonderful service in assisting people to have a dignified and as comfortable as possible end. So many of the people there were volunteers, too. Amazing.

    You have all my sympathy.
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    My mom volunteers in a hospice, a couple of times a week. The gratitude of both the person receiving palliative care and their family (if any) is what makes her keep doing the work. My sympathies, Hornblower, in the days ahead.
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    A beloved professor of mine from college actually gave an interview to our local paper on how great he thought hospice care was, shortly before he died. Anything that can make what you're going through easier sounds good to me; if you need to "talk," I'm sure I speak for most of us when I tell you that I'm here for you.

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    My sympathies to you and your family, Hornblower.

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    Losing a loved one, even under the best of circumstances, is always difficult. You have my sympathies as well, Hornblower.
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    Sorry to hear that, friend. You have my sympathies and support. Be strong.
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