I was watching a show on black holes a few weeks ago (I believe it was an episode of How the Universe Works), and the show raised the question "Why doesn't the accretion disk just fall into the black hole?". Their answer, complete with video of Lawrence Krauss reiterating their bad astronomy, was that "centrifugal force" acting on the orbiting matter counterbalances the gravity of the black hole. My astronomy professor pounded into the heads of his students that there is no outward force acting on orbiting objects.

I suppose offering a "centrifugal force" explanation of orbits is easier to convey than the reality, but this just confirms my observation that you can't trust an explanation that authorities on physics give to laymen. Somehow generating an answer that is quick and satisfying to the listener is more important than the truth of the matter. I suppose they tell their kids that babies are delivered by storks.