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    Public outreach

    I use video astronomy mostly for the purpose of public outreach. I do it daily in my mobile home park at the bus stop each morning before the kids board for school. Over 100 children K-5 board each morning and I have my set up with a Mallincam through a Lunt 60 mm DSPT H-alpha scope. I set up right near the bus stop deliberately. Once the kids leave the parents stop by and some passersby on their way to work. At night I go off my porch during the week in light polluted skies and pull in the Moon, a few planets and some deep sky objects like M27, M57, M20, M16, M8 and M51.

    I also have a telescope on hand to show them how things look through the scope for comparison, letting them realize there are trade offs for everything. The eyepiece has the camera beat in a lot of categories and the eye has both beat in other categories while imaging has video beat in the area of beauty and sharpness while video has imaging beat for deep sky for short exposure with no processing to wait for. I am attempt to provoke them to reach for the sky with something they can afford and to join an astronomy club or organize one themselves at their schools.

    We have one outreach at a park district next Saturday and we have 5 public outreaches each year as payment to conservation districts for use of their sites all year long, 365 days of the year. We do libraries each year, usually three of them. Cary Public Library in Cary, Illinois is a yearly outreach that draws in excess of 500 residents. That library is the guardian of our club Time Capsule. Which is to be opened when Halley's Comet returns. We will be there October 1st with October 15th as a rain date.

    Arlington Hts, Illinois Public Library has us scheduled October 9th. They usually draw about 250. Roselle Library will be a few weeks later and will draw about 35.

    It keeps me going and being around children always gave me the most pleasure in life.

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    Cool. I always talk astronomy to my children and coworkers. The only telescope I had, I sold when I left Florida for Virginia. I would love to get another one someday.

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    That's so nice of you @blueshift. I wish I could also do that in my own community. It would be fantastic because we really have a clear night sky here. Sometimes, I and my partner would just go star gazing and it's really amazing.

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