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Thread: BigWhoop is finalist for the NASA Global People’s Choice Award!

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    BigWhoop is finalist for the NASA Global People’s Choice Award!

    The NASA Space Apps Stuttgart 2015 Hackathon winner BigWhoop is a finalist for the NASA Global People’s Choice Award!

    The NASA Space Application Challenge 2015: one hackathon weekend, 133 cities around the world, 949 projects, and our BigWhoop project is among the final 15 for the global People's Choice Award. Read on to learn what happened during the event at the Stuttgart hackerspace shackspace and then go on and vote for BigWhoop and make it win the award!

    Just visit this page and vote for our #BigWhoop app (once a day).

    NASA’s Space Apps Challenge is an international mass collaboration/hackathon organized on a global scale and held in all major cities worldwide, with a focus on finding solutions to challenges faced in space exploration and also to life on Earth.

    The Winner of the Stuttgart chapter of Global NASA Space Apps Challenge is BigWhoop. BigWhoop addresses the “Open Source Air Traffic Tracking” Challenge. This challenge required the building of a tool that allowed users to select a particular flight and see its out-the-window or other views of the aircraft, and airspace. We decided to extend the scope of the project a bit. Our app was designed as a global sensor grid to measure the whole radio spectrum -thus making air traffic monitoring a subset of the solution. This free and community driven approach based on small and low-cost software defined radio devices earned the local team a global nomination for NASA’s People’s Choice Awards and will be competing to be among the final 15 out of 949 projects for global People’s Choice awards. And now you can vote for the Stuttgart Team as of 27 April.

    Watch the #BigWhoop Video

    Find out more in blog and join the BigWhoop team >>

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    Hi there,

    I couldn't have said it better than @gunperie:

    "Dear all thanks for supporting me and my team in NASA Space Apps Challenge. We couldn't make it this time round, but it was a good start.
    May the 4th be with you lovelies!"

    For all nominations, click here

    And now we have again more time for the fun part, keep on working on BigWhoop as the ground station application for the Distributed Ground Station Network.

    some of the next steps are
    * monitoring the spectrum
    * porting it to more systems
    * adding signal tracking features
    * doing a first field testing...

    Feel invited to join. You find the source code here
    If you have questions, post them to this email list!

    And finally, thank you for all your support! We haven not that loudly working on it, but we are always there working on DGSN.

    Best regards,


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