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Thread: 2005-6 "EARTH" quakes +

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    Well its very very true that its so "QACCADEMIC" to me i've lost all interest

    HOWEVER, yesterday there was activity at the Cramer Hall (Basement) display

    I avoided that, but checked the position this morning on my way here (NH)

    and LOW and behold there was a paper posted on the Glass indicating an alert

    more l;ater on this one ... pluss new stuff2

    9:00AM pdt back in cramer line by (wellnever mind)

    9:13 opppsi forgot an e just a sec

    lets try this STORY later

    9:16 ok back on the trail of this tail

    that was the line but it got cropped on the paper as it was a LONG line

    anyway I'll assume that its an RU.sure message font
    as when i returned to the set I had logged in on on the :00 line
    from finding i'd left out the e
    the set was occupied (Comprenday') and Fridays are (well never mind)
    as you can see IF YOU BOTHER { and I dont suggest that at all }
    but theres a very VERY lot of activity at this moment around the
    printer HERE {second Story} (Cramer) etc ... SO i'll move along shortly


    the reason I 'poise the current activity is BoGuSS
    {well never mind see Green below after :30
    But yeah the activity/change in the Left Moniter {Thursday bears dT'}
    just a minute? retURn2

    veryify that
    has been disabled: 9:29AM pdt & this2 etc etc
    Mac #3 CH 322A incomming phone calls (etc etc)
    OK? anyway when I returned to the "SITE" the papar..
    and the paper watchers had vanished...

    and as you can see above good old reliable'$ gone
    so i'll TACK here at 9:42 AM (third story Cramer) to:::

    COLT SNZ UW : Colton High School, Colton, OR

    which already has been (well never mind ) Try at 9:50-55 :::

    anyway the tial TRAIL has arrived time for me to move again so latter for HOOD

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    11am ISH

    a very rare site for me (Residence hall) Sixth?

    anyway ?

    lemme examin the 7: line (WHITCH ONE)? i'll assUme to be BoGu$
    11:08 Huck's Mt?

    plots activity on the 7:30? line (Green)? while NEWBERRY plots :::"IT"::: in blow on the 8:00 line?/?

    back to Hi $chool in a minute or two

    11:15 PDT

    well if you triangulate the Hood to Newberry to Huck (Black : Blue : Green)
    {well never mid} lemme look at ? ASHLAND ROSEBURG

    vs Seaside & NewBerg?

    I would be at a loss for words to attempt to explain
    of ashland rosburg vs = - of the others (taken over ten minutes?
    maybe ?
    ashland ? Rosburg top line trend u = up d = down
    8/1.0 u u .n d d
    8/2.0 d u .n d d
    8/3.0 U u .n d d
    8/4.0 U u .n d d
    8/5.0 U u .n d D
    so ?Up ?.0 to down ? takes 4 - 6 hours ?/?

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    that Afternoon

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    20050816 after (9)AM pdt/ World click map was 7.?

    Olive? {third map odwn shows Fuji {triangle} ?"News"? about A Major (Revised revision, of the Origional Revised revision, Revised)

    Tuesday, August 16, 2005 at 02:46:30
    ?4 PSu's page not accessable but it does make the phone ring here

    ?/? working?
    no /? dont see it here ?
    anyway I dont see it Maybe PSU's in the Shadow { its cloudy}?

    Green search4a1 rd to blue at 3? dont see 1 { this position approache /loud talk

    well the links have stopped connecting/ (and an aromma?

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    Re: 20050816 after (9)AM pdt/

    Quote Originally Posted by HUb'
    well it just gets to WEIRD
    I left went to FAB {new here green 0818 edit
    via the PSU siesmo window ... the "LEFT"(West terminal said something like
    computer in use "LOCKED"
    Whatever: i'll attempt my tail here for now {sorted by arival times}? OSD Olympics - Snow Dome, WA :07:09 STW Striped Mtn., WA :07:10.5 HDW Hoodsport, WA :07:11 BLN Blyn Mountain, WA :07:11 MCW Mount Constitution ;07:11.5 RPW Rockport, North Cascades :07:12 CPW Capitol Peak, WA :07:12 JCW Jim Creek, WA 07:12 GSM Grass Mt., WA :07:17 BOW Boistfort Peak, WA :07:18 KMO King's Mountain, OR :07:19 HBO Huckleberry Mtn., OR 07:24 VFP Flag Pt. Mount Hood, OR 07:24 VTH The Trough, OR :07:26 CBS Chelan Butte, East WA ;07:22 RSW Rattlesnake Mt - East WA :07:31 ELL Ellensburg, WA :07:31 HOG Hogback Mt., OR :07:32 LNO Lincton Mt., OR :07:33 NCO Newberry, East OR 07:40

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    Re: 20050816 after (9)AM pdt/

    Quote Originally Posted by HUb'
    well it just gets to WEIRD
    tp:// JCW ? HMM
    one mor tey from UNix ?

    just one from SMo?

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    Re: 20050816 after (9)AM pdt/

    [quote="HUb'"] dont see it here ?

    exactly why the two days have exactly the same clitch {at 16}/
    however today the "LEFT" unit {moniter} in the "CASE" is NOT

    20050818n 3:06PM pdt

    20050819 same story "NOT" working ?

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    20050819 10AM'ish OREGON click map {a quake last2 hr}

    --- back to Pole Ticks

    So I went to the NOT WORKING {Left} terminal
    and U no what? the right 1 had the exact R/G/B
    08/18 file on it as I was linked to in the above post

    of course as soon as I saw it
    IT dissapeared and soon the
    Hours screen emerged in its place
    ah ha
    I sighed
    back to Pole Ticks
    UNuseUALLy done ? these days

    plenty funny (as I sea It) 10:16Am

    /beyound telted\
    se'N RED
    unable to
    CDF SHZ UW : St. Helens - Cedar Flats
    STD SHZ UW : St. Helens - Studebaker
    ASR SHZ UW : Adams - Stagman Ridge
    or sny of that other REally Expensive STuFF

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    I should look about for EarthQuake numbers?
    the Main event WAS {to have been in Aug}
    2453602 FULL MOON DATE: 2005 8 19 < 2453602 PERIGEE 357417 KM
    2453630 PERIGEE 360413 KM 2453631 FULL MOON DATE: 2005 9 17 \
    2453658 PERIGEE 365450 KM
    Clearly an October Event {Just Prior to 1st Quarter on the 10th}(Today)
    is streaching the pattern way to far? {but its comprehendable} at least
    in my mind. & REMember if Px? is approaching. its 100's of more YEARS !
    Last edited by HUb'; 2005-Oct-10 at 03:32 PM.

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    the PSU seismo has become active ?
    after not registering the 2200 0112 one?
    and the click map now dispalys the 11th's 5.6

    note to self (there are no >5 quakes listed {after blue } today 1/13 .... the data line I gote was ?
    MAP 5.6 2006/01/11 10:02:33 43.518 -127.254 10.0 OFF THE COAST OF OREGON
    "/01/11 10:" & "10.0 OFF"
    Last edited by HUb'; 2006-Jan-14 at 02:16 AM.

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    9:14 PM 1/13/06 i've found two "pink lines"?
    one occupies the 00:00:00 position the other at 00:10:00
    Both pink lines have the three minute square wave inpulse
    indicating that indeed the two ?"PINK"? lines exist

    i've labled for my own use the OO:00:00
    one as 03:1552Z & the 00:10:00 line as po16:52Z?

    the 7PM computer time limit prevented furthor
    investigation of why twin time standards exist at the PSU
    terminals. To me the case {at this time} seams prima facie?

    20060114 {pink line}?
    Last edited by HUb'; 2006-Jan-14 at 05:04 PM.

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