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Thread: Passion Film Project Needs Balloonist to Capture Curvature of the Earth

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    Passion Film Project Needs Balloonist to Capture Curvature of the Earth

    Hey everyone!
    CALLING EXTREME BALLOONISTS! I am looking to for an expert who wants to build a balloon to help us capture the earth’s curvature for a spec film about citizen space travel.

    MY NAME IS KAIT GARDNER and I'm a coordinator for this project with commercial director Corydon Wagner. We're educating ourselves as much as possible but we want to ensure everything runs smoothly and would like an expert to join our team.

    The project is spec based meaning it is independent and self funded. The purpose behind doing such a project is first and foremost because we are fascinated by the idea of space travel and second because we want to position ourselves at the heart of this great evolution upwards. The final piece will range between 60-90 seconds and will be used for our reel.

    Date of our launch: TENTATIVELY at some point between July 27th - August 9th
    Location of launch: TBD - maybe you can help us here
    Director: Corydon Wagner.
    Compensation: travel, lodging, per diem - again this project is self funded, no one is making a rate. We want to speak to individuals interested in doing this for the love of making a beautiful film and to have it on their reel.

    IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, EMAIL ME (KAITGARDNER@GMAIL.COM) describing your background in this area. Also, please ensure that you are have a couple of free days within our tentative launch window. We are of course flexible.

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    Kait Gardner

    I've move your post from Q&A to here, since you are not really asking a question, but are looking for help.
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