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    $TD@, I was of the middle class those days,
    Hyperinflation now creeps in,
    I don't worth a penny today.

    Suddenly, they release the trillion dollar bills,
    Now I wish I still have hard asset,
    To get me through that horrible day.

    They say, collapse is
    just too mild for this thing,
    The economics is wrong,
    Now I long for $TD@.

    $TD@, I wished I could foresee the ruin,
    Now I need to gain a new living,
    For life still need to go on here.

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    Yesterday, I led a few billions those days,
    Now my position has gone away,
    That I long for yesterday.

    Suddenly, rebellions are just creeping in,
    Neither I am ready or aware,
    Of the necessary empathy.

    Why said, I was cold,
    That I ruled over subjects,
    When I said reforms,
    I cannot do a thing....

    Yesterday, I was an authority figure,
    Now I am just a commoner,
    I cannot change just anything.

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