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Thread: A White Christmas...

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    A White Christmas...

    Hi guys,

    Just to keep you informed. We have woken-up to a white Christmas thismorning. With severe NW gales and 20cm of snow forecast, we could be in for an exciting 48 hours??

    Have a good one everyone...

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    Here, in lovely Ayrshire, we also have a white christmas. A merry Christmas to all on the BABB. By the way, just got two new kittens(Sooty and Poppy) guess what they`re doing to the Christmas tree!

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    Coastal Fife is clear but there's a dusting inland and all the hills are white so I guess we have a white Christmas too. Ground is very cold and icy and with grey cloud building up there could be more on the way.

    Take care, keep warm and have a very special drink on me Pete. Keep looking up and all the very best for 2005

    Merry Christmas BAbbers everywhere!

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    White Christmas here, too. It was 12 degrees yesterday! We had heavy rainfall warnings! Where did this white stuff come from?

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    It snowed south of San Antonio. For those who don't know, SA is in south/central Texas. We don't blink when it hits 100F in July and it hardly ever snows here let alone south of here and on Christmas! I wish I'd had a wager on that. It didn't snow here but it sure seems like it might this winter, some time.

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    We had a white Christmas. I live in Houston, so as jt-3d said it is highly unusual to have snow. The snow stayed on the ground overnight--even more unusual. It is warming up, so the snow will probably be gone soon.

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    There's still snow on the ground and its 9:00 am CST

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    They just had a weather report, it will still be in the mid to upper 20's tomorrow, but by wednesday it will be in the 70's--that's Houston weather for you. (About -3 C to 21 C in a matter of a few days).

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