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Thread: Virgin Galactic SS2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roger E. Moore View Post
    Positive spin on Virgin Galactic stock... SPCE Stock Will Fly to $80 on Virgin Galactic’s Space Ambitions: Virgin Galactic will one day be flying thousands of people into space every month
    I'm glad you didn't make me read bad news when I was in a good mood after the America's Cup.
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    "Virgin Galactic unveils ‘VSS Imagine,’ the first of its next-generation spaceship series"

    Virgin Galactic on Tuesday unveiled the latest spacecraft addition to its fleet, VSS Imagine, with the spacecraft representing the first of its next-generation SpaceShip III class of vehicles.

    The rollout of VSS Imagine gives the space tourism company a second spacecraft to begin testing, as Virgin Galactic continues to work through final development testing of VSS Unity, with its next spaceflight test expected in May.
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    Visually, it is underwhelming. It has a shiny metal hull, but looks like the same basic design as the Spaceship II.

    In the article, it says the main changes are improvements to reduce turnaround time. Apparently more modularity, better organization and easier replacement. A good number of changes but all seem to be evolutionary improvements. It doesn’t sound like anything fundamental was changed.

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    At least it's hardware and not powerpoint. Let's hope for them they can have a working craft with this iteration, it's about time.
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    Past time. I think the whole thing is an idea whose time has come and gone.
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