Glad to see you, Phil!

Your Bad Universe episode on Earth impactors showed tonight on UK TV, Quest channel. Nice one, mate! Good programme, especially all the explosions.
Your demonstration of How to Make a Small Comet was ace! Water, squirt of ammonia, some 'dirt', something organic, didn't catch what it was, looked like soy sauce, and freeze it all in a bag of dry ice. It even looked authentic! Presuming I really know what a comet looks like, up close 'n' personal.

But Phil, you got the help of a world's best expert on meteorites, in his museum. YOU told him all about meteorites, and all HE had to say, was, "Yes, that's right".
Sort of a waste of the World's Best Expert on Meteorites, wouldn't you say? Or was he a bit taciturn that day?

Anyway, I'll look out for the next show.
Pip, pip!