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Thread: The Cocktail Thread - from the Yuri's night Hangout

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    Post The Cocktail Thread - from the Yuri's night Hangout

    During the Yuri's Night hangout there was discussion about parties and party activities. Inevitably, the topic turned to drinks and, in particular, space themed cocktails.

    It was suggested that these be posted to the forums but I've not found the thread yet. So here is one to gather these posts.

    While I saw a number of name suggestions there were fewer actual recipies. With that in mind I'd like to suggest that we reserve the "lightbulb" post icon for posts with actual recipies.

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    Lightbulb Kepler 22b

    Claimer: This cocktail is the invention of Neil deGrasse Tyson. I heard about it through the Star Talk Radio podcast and thought it sounded quite good. I'd tried it within a week as was very pleased to say I was right about my impression.

    The Kepler 22b consists of equal parts Blue Curacao, Midori and Vodka added to a shaker with ice, shaken, strained and then topped off with ginger beer.

    • Blue Curacao: The potential for liquid water
    • Midori: The potential for plant life
    • Vodka: Give it a little extra omph
    • Ice & Ginger beer: the rocky body

    This is from memory. If I got the description wrong, someone correct me and I'll update this post.

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    Some space drinks should only be dispensed by the thimble full.

    Romulan ale : 2 cups Blue Curacao
    1 cup clear rum
    1/2 cup vodka

    and then half volume of cranberry lemonade.
    Chill and bottle ...750 ml .

    This stuff should not involve driving, operation of machinery, construction activities etc etc etc.

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    9 liters tonic water
    4 bottles of Roses Mojito Passion or Pink lemonade

    Step 1: mix all ingredients before party
    Step 2: add ice as late as possible before drinking
    Step 3: server under black light

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    Closed pending moderator discussion

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    After some discussion we have moved this thread from Goggle Hangouts (since it is not about learning astronomy) and moved it to OTB. Cheers!

    Please make sure that if you are going to experimentally test any of these recipes that you obey all local ordinances with regard to the serving and consumption of ethyl alcohol containing formulations, and with regard to post-consumption activities.
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