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    Astronomical Database

    Hi, I'm an Android developer and I would like to create an Astronomy app with a database with all astronomical object (with most useful information and a link to wiki) with a friendly interface. Does anyone know where can I find a free astronomical database? A resource with some typical astronomical algorithms would be nice too.

    I got this idea to make an App for Android with the following features:
    - Full catalog of NGC and IC objects, planets and double stars
    - Realtime conversion from equatorial to horizontal coordinates
    - Filtering by subsets of the 2 mentioned catalogs (Messier, Herschel 400, Caldwell, etc)
    - Create observing lists
    - Observation logs (generating history associated with the objects)

    If you have a suggestion with other features, post here!!!
    Thanks Shedo!!!

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    Hi shedo, there are some links to astronomy resources in the Ice Investigators Resource Library. I hope that helps a bit.

    Welcome to the forum!

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    thanks for you reply!
    this resources are very helpful but they collects only informations about small objects of the solar system. Where can I find one or more downloadable databases (or other open resources) collecting informations about:
    - objects in the solar system
    - stars
    - deep sky objects

    thanks a lot

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    try looking over at I believe the collections they use are free/open

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    thanks =)

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    Yes dalvist is right stellarium is good resource, you will find astronomical database from there try it.

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