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Thread: User's Crater Coordinates

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    User's Crater Coordinates

    This could either be an API wishlist, or a fun feature request. Do you have each user's mapped crater coordinates stored and available? If so, we could plot placemarks on Google Earth's Moon view.

    As in this example:

    You will need the Google Earth plugin installed on your browser. Note, this is not a video. Once the camera zooms to the placemarks, you can use your mouse and pinwheel to zoom and move the moon around.

    It might be kind of neat for folks to see where their measured craters are located precisely on the moon. It could even be like a "badge" incentive, the more pins you have on the moon, the more you have to show off how awesome you are.

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    Cool idea!

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    I think this is an API request :-) We don't have the man powere to write this, but we can probably find a way to expose the crater coordinates. We aren't currently getting that info (everything is in X-Y at the moment), but we'll work toward this overtime.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StarStryder View Post
    We don't have the man powere to write this, but we can probably find a way to expose the crater coordinates.
    You do have the manpower, it's me. I'll write it. Show me where the coordinates are and I'll put this together. If you need a nightly build job that converts or exposes it, I can write that too.

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