An idea just occured to me. If you were a selfish person and your only purpose in performing this Citizen Scientist project was to get your name "in lights", i.e to get your name as co-discoverer of a KBO, what would your best strategy be? Well, it would obviously be to mark every single thing which might have even the slightest chance of turning out to be a KBO. There is afterall no penalty for marking many blobs which no one else marks.

This thought occured to me because in this second image set I'm marking at least twice as many blobs as in image set 1 (probably because there is no toggle button). And it doesn't matter if I mark a blob as a transient or as an asteroid, it is always "confirmed", even when I mark it as a transient in one version of the image and as an asteroid in another version of the same image.

1. What is your experience with this image set? Do you get almost every marking "confirmed"?
2. Should there be any kind of penalty for anyone marking every bright pixel and its grandmother?