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Thread: Discovery: Bolder Tracks @ Compton-Belkovich Volcanic Complex called "Hickson Trail"

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    Discovery: Bolder Tracks @ Compton-Belkovich Volcanic Complex called "Hickson Trail"

    Here is an e-mail exchange I had with NASA in July of last year...

    Sent: While looking at your photo of the Small Dome in the Compton-Belkovich Volcanic Complex
    I found the following… A long rille or lava tube with two large outcrops with tall shadows at each end! I have attached 2 PDF’s that show their location.

    From: John Keller []
    Sent: Monday, July 25, 2011 3:54 PM
    To: Mark Hickson
    Cc: Brill, Jennifer M. (GSFC-420.0)[VANTAGE SYSTEMS INC]
    Subject: Re: Web Inquiry: Contact Us


    Interesting find! And thank you for your interest in LRO. My colleagues suggest that what you've observed are boulder tracks. A large boulder may have fractured on impact with one section left in place and the second rolling down slope leaving the tracks behind.


    John Keller
    Deputy Project Scientist
    Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter
    Goddard Space Flight Center

    Based on this exchange I am naming this feature "Hickson Trail"

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    Good Job, MHickson!

    And welcome.

    Of course you are welcome to call this feature whatever you want. But, I just want to make sure you know that the naming of planetary features is, by historical convention, the responsibility of the International Astronomical Union. You can learn all about the rules of names and how to propose them to the Union here ( Unlike in the other sciences, planetary features must be named after someone who has been dead for at least 3 years (Rule #9 here). So, unfortunately, you will have to wait a while if you want the official name of this feature to be "Hickson Trail". Sorry

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    Well I guess I'll have to name it after my father!

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