One of our frustrations is Moon Mappers just doesn't work on an iPad. This is in part due to click and drag causing images to move rather than craters to be drawn. I'm sure there are other issues as well... but that's the one that is most in your face.

Rather then try and create a web app that is all things for all devices, we'd like to create a tablet app that replicates the functionality of Moon Mappers (and future projects that will use a similar set of tools), but that has the added bonus of allowing users to download to their device a select number of images so they can work on off line or in poor connectivity.

Baseline functionality:
- user logins (need to figure out how to authenticate users with VBulliten database/method, but remotely)
- app gets set of images
- user marks images just like they would online
- marks are submitted to our server.
All the javascript we're currently using is a right click away on moon mappers.

Dreamland functionality:
We are developing a whole suite of different citizen science tasks that use a specific set of tools. The labels on the tools sometimes change ("mark boulder" on one project becomes "mark cosmic ray" on another), and sometimes they get used more then once (draw red line and draw blue line), but it is one core set of tools. We will be building for the web something that allows us to turn tools on and off tools from a design window. If there could be an app design tool that allows the scientist to essentially design by checking buttons, and uploading tables of images, that would be something at would enable new projects, and new science to be done for a long time to come.

Let the idea swapping begin (and please tell me what shared spaces, and tools you need, and I'll work to get the infrastructure in place)