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Thread: Dobsonian Attachment

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    Dobsonian Attachment

    Hello, I was wondering if someone could help me out. I was looking for a piece of equipment that I could put onto my dobsonian that could point me toward objects. I don't want something to physically move it, just
    to point me.
    If anyone know the name of the accessory, could you please tell me
    Also, if you know of any could you pos a link?

    Thanks for your time guys

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    Are you looking for something like this:

    Note that is only the computer portion, I don't think it comes with encoders for your dob mount. The example I linked to is specific to properly equipped Orion XT intelliscope dob mounts. There are others that may work for your scope however.

    What scope are we talking about here?

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    Systems are made for most commercial Dobsonians to do this. Some are generic and need a lot of TLC from the user to mate to their particular telescope while others are specific to certain scopes. As to name, each maker gives theirs their own name. You might try searching under Dobsonian encoder kit or something akin to this. One I've use (with some adaption) is at: The Dob I put it on wasn't one listed but I was familiar enough with the idea I could easily adapt it -- and the scope -- to get it to work well. Though for best results either buy a scope with the system already installed or get the system the maker recommends if possible. Since most Dobs use a similar azimuth bearing system this axis is usually (exceptions exist of course) easy to adapt to. But altitude bearings vary greatly and can create issues with generic systems.

    Find a local club for help. Likely several have made this adaption to their Dobs and can give you hands on help.


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    I am using an 8in dob that is discontinued by Canadian Telescopes, but it is the same make as the Skywatcher model of the same size

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