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Thread: Interstellar astrology game

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    Interstellar astrology game

    This is an idea that might not work, because it requires a critical mass of people with the inclination and resources to play. But it might work, and is therefore worth a shot.

    Pick one star each, and tell us what it is. I suggest that should be in all the major catalogues, but very unlikely that anyone else would pick the same one. When a few people have chosen stars, load up your favourite planetarium software such as Celestia, and do the following.

    Visit the star you chose, and centre the view on a star that someone else chose. (Chances are it will be too faint to see without a telescope, but that doesn't matter.) Save a snapshot of the screen, and open it in your favourite paint program. There, draw connecting lines between stars to create your own constellation, and annotate with a description of what it represents. (I doubt anyone has a problem with astrology when it's self-consciously fictional.) Upload the image to a suitable website, and link to it from this thread, revealing to fellow participants which fictional constellation their star belongs to as viewed from your star.

    For sentimental reasons, I'll go for HIP 20740.

    Can I tempt anyone with this game?

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    Do we have the critical mass yet?
    Trigger warning - this post may contain information that some members disagree with. It might also end sentences with prepositions.

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