I've been playing Elite: Dangerous recently, and really getting into it. I earned my Triple Elite (top rank in all fields; Combat, Trade and Exploration) two weeks ago and have set out to discover just how much I have to learn yet.
In all online combat-oriented games, one of the worst problems are gankers - people who play just to destroy, sabotage or ruin the play of other players. I'm currently working with one of the best gankers and learning from him. He's so stupidly overcharged it's impossible to win, but after every battle we chat, compare notes and discuss strategies. He's actually a pretty good teacher and I'm a VERY good student. My combat skill has easily doubled fighting him - a player with good skill and a horrendously overbuilt ship. I'm learning his tactics, his builds and his thinking. While I dislike losing, I am VERY appreciative of what I'm learning.