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Thread: SpaceEngine, Universe Sandbox or Celestia?

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    SpaceEngine, Universe Sandbox or Celestia?

    Cost aside, which is the best universe in a box?
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    Celestia, obviously.

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    The only one I really used is or was a locally made one called Earth Centered Universe. I bought a couple directly from the maker who made it to run an observatory or two. After university I used to teach my oldest niece the planet names when she like four.
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    I use Celestia a lot, because I know (more-or-less) how to make add-ons in that program. The version known as Celestia:Origin has some very nice models of asteroids, and also a very good version of the Milky Way galaxy as a background.
    A few of my add-ons; Twilight Aglaea Bishop Ring

    Space Engine has some very nice procedurally-produced planets and planetary surfaces, and the galaxies and lighting effects look even better than in Celestia. However, so far I haven't been able to successfully make any addons for this program, so I am reduced to a spectator.

    I haven't tried Universe Sandbox, but some of the YouTube clips I've seen make it look very useful. Some of my Orion's Arm colleagues recommend Children Of A Dead Earth, which has some gravity effects and orbital mechanics included; they have converted some of our OA planets into that format.

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    My vote goes for the SpaceEngine. Cant get nought of that thing

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