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Thread: Anyone else playing FFXIII?

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    Anyone else playing FFXIII?

    I picked up the new Final Fantasy game last tuesday. I've played various FF games before, but never all the way through any of them. But I finished Dragon Age, and Gamestop had an awsome trade-in deal; two of my old Wii games for $40 off FFXIII. So I got it.

    Haven't gotten to play too much yet, but enough to remind me of the things I love about FF, and the things I hate about it.

    So far it doesn't feel like Square's done enough to keep up with the next generation of role playing games. The camera is still a glorified stationary view (you can rotate it, but it's clunky and gets stuck and there's parts where you don't get to move it at all).

    The dungeons are basically hallways, very little freedom of movement. Which might be a blessing because I find the movement controls to be very unrefined. Loose and sloppy.

    That said; animations are breathtaking. Story seems like it'll be pretty deep. And most importantly, the combat system is fun and really makes you think.

    We'll see if I make it all the way through this before losing interest. Anyone else playing?

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    I am really considering buying and playing this one.

    This is based purely on the commercials.

    Let me know if this is a good one to blow some money on. Or if I should save it.

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