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  1. You're a mathematician huh? I'm allergic to numbers. If my life depended upon figuring out a LONG equation within 10 minutes' time...I'd be a goner. :-p
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    Visit this website:
    It has answers to any questions related to The Universe, that you might have. I also recommend signing up for that site by going to the Forums, so you can discuss other things related to The Universe. Hope this helps:
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    Hi, Nice website. Great posting with you, Sir.
    Best regards,
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    Hi...just been to visit your website...very very impressive....
    i'll pop by and have an in-depth look-see. thanks.
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    this message facility doesn't allow BB quotes to be used? hmmm.
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    Hi Todd:
    i was just responding to your earlier question about rottweilers...i thought a better idea to leave it here, rather than in the thread, risking hijack/dilution of OP...
    so here we are:

    [quote=tdvance]you mean, you've never heard of a vicious rottweiler? Kid in Charlottesville was killed by one that escaped his owner's yard when I was in grad school there.[/quote

    Todd, I am sorry to hear that you had such an awful incident in your neighbourhood, with a rottweiler. Really tragic for the family and everyone else involved. Awful awful.

    There have been umpteen cases of vicious rottweilers over a long period of time, one would imagine.

    I reckon much expression of such inappropriate reaction / behaviour from such a pet / dog, depends on how the owners have interacted with it / them. that old saw...garbage in, garbage out...holds true.

    I have seen owners hitting their dogs; shouting at them; yanking them; generally treating them badly. They should not be allowed to have pets. Period.
    Makes me wonder how they are with children!

    Lullie is the gentlest creature I know. She just happens to have a body that looks like a dog's. She has lots and lots of friends in the park/s where we go. Funnily enough she uses proportionality
    -- playfulness --approach-wise--when bumping into her friends and or strangers. She'd be gentler with smaller and more boisterous with larger friends. lovely to see.

    oh i could go on and on...

    do you have pets, Todd?

    take care

    happy new year and warmest regards

  7. Ah, never saw this message till now--it doesn't show up as "new message"!
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    It's ok. Got it Again, nice method, thanks.
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    Sorry tdvance, could you help me out here?
    About the 'resolution of the eye' thread- loved the methodology, but am a bit stuck with working it out myself.
    I get everything apart from: getting from 1 arcminute to 75x60 pixels. The crux of the matter. Heh.
    Please could you could help? Thanks, Praedst
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